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Regional Report

While the TAD Reports provide significant amounts of information concerning transportation issues, a broad look at transportation issues on a regional scale was needed. The Regional Report examined larger more significant issues within the five county region. The Regional Report utilizes the same format of the TAD Reports with increased thresholds for some of the emphasis areas. Some of the increase thresholds are realized in the Access to Workplace, Frequency of Crashes, Levels of Congestion, etc. The increases were utilized in order to reflect the more regional versus more local impacts of the data sets and subsequent transportation impacts. As well, the Regional Report also expounded on issues at the county and regional levels where a better presentation of data was provided and a more thorough understanding of historic trends. It also examined aspects of transportation that are not easily captured at the more localized TAD level.

Regional Report
Posted 02/12/16, PDF, 7.1 MB

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