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Crash Report

Each year, approximately 40,000 crashes occur within the 5-county KIPDA Metropolitan Planning Area. As part of the Connecting Kentuckiana Metropolitan Plan Update, these crashes were analyzed in an effort to identify those locations where significant issues exist.

High crash locations were determined based on a series of factors, including the frequency of crashes, the crash rate, and the severity of crashes that occurred at the location in the three-year period from 2009 to 2011.

The crash analysis was broken up into several components that examined different types of roadway facilities. These include intersections, roadway segments, interchanges, and interstate segments.  Locations of each type were assessed and ranked based on the factors listed above. Additionally, an assessment of locations that experienced a high number and rate of crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists was performed as well.

All of the crash data that was analyzed in this analysis come from the respective state crash databases for Kentucky and Indiana. These databases include information on all crashes that occurred on public roadways in each state. While the two databases differ somewhat, the data is provided in the same general format. 


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