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Transportation Issues

Identifying projects and programs that will result in a better community begins with identifying transportation issues. The Connecting Kentuckiana Issues Report provides the framework for better understanding issues and will assist with identifying appropriate improvements within the context of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan. The Issues Report has examined barriers which may impede or prevent people and goods from connecting to various destinations. By examining the availability of transportation options relative to clusters of destinations, the Issues Report has highlighted possible opportunities to improve the function and infrastructure of the transportation system, both today and in the future. The Issues Report also examined where crashes have occurred and safety improvements may be warranted in order to improve safety for transportation users.

Critical to the process is the understanding of both how the community may evolve and the role of transportation. By incorporating forecasts of data, KIPDA has been able to compare the functionality of today’s transportation system to the anticipated future demographics and highlight where incongruities exist between the two. The transportation planning process provides the basis to review options and identify measures to improve connections. In this manner, the Issues Report has coupled both today’s transportation-related issues with what is anticipated in the future resulting in a thorough, well-rounded idea of what needs to be addressed in order to improve connections in the region.


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