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Vision Statement

Connecting Kentuckiana, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Louisville (KY-IN) Metropolitan Planning Organzation (MPO), is a regional platform to support and implement a sustainable and multimodal transportation system applying the following principles:
  • Improved connections
  • A safe and reliable transportation system
  • Expanded mobility options
  • New and innovative approaches to improve the transportation system in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
  • Responsive to the needs and wants of the users
  • More efficient use of the existing transportation system
Connecting Kentuckiana explores the many facets of transportation ranging from connectivity within small geographic areas to connectivity throughout the region and beyond. This is accomplished by striving to ensure the various modes available for moving persons and goods operate safely and efficiently.

There are unique challenges and opportunities facing the KIPDA Louisville (KY-IN) MPO region. This regain is anticipated to expand in terms of the population, number of households and number of jobs. There are portions of the region that are well-established today. The needs of both the growing and established areas must be incorporated for a balanced sustem that supports the existing infrastructure as well as the new.

Connecting Kentuckiana sets forth a vision for transportation in the region as it exists today and its evolution into the future to ensure, as we move forward, it is in an efficient and productive manner that recognizes the various needs of transportation users, giving recognition to the opportunities and benefits associated with advancing innovative strategies and fostering expanded modal choices.

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