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KIPDA, the Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN Metropolitan Planning Organization

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The Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency (KIPDA) is an association of local governments providing regional planning, program administration, review, and technical services in the areas of public administration, social services, and transportation. KIPDA, in their transportation role, has been designated as the area’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). As the MPO, KIPDA serves as the forum for local governments, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the Transit Authority of River City, and the area’s residents to plan for a coordinated transportation system designed to move people and goods affordably, efficiently, and safely. MPOs are required to maintain a Metropolitan Transportation Plan that contains projects that are planned or in progress that will be completed in and over the next 20 years. Connecting Kentuckiana is the Metropolitan Transportation Plan we are developing now.

MPOs were created as a result of the Federal Highway Act which required the formation of MPOs in urbanized areas (those with a population of 50,000 or more) plan for transportation based on a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative process between federal, state, and local governments. The MPO provides the framework to identify needs, propose solutions, and determine where and how federal dollars are spent in the area. This is completed with the aid of studies, analyses, and additional planning activities to facilitate the collaborative decision-making by elected and appointed officials from the Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN five-county Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA).

The KIPDA Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN MPO oversees the transportation planning process in Clark, Floyd and 1/10 of a square mile in Harrison county in Indiana; and Bullitt, Jefferson, and Oldham counties in Kentucky.

Key Players in the Planning Process

You: The public plays a key role by letting us know your thoughts about transportation. This involves the experiences you may be having now, your ideas for the future, and comments on prospective projects and programs. Attend public meetings, email comments, or contact KIPDA staff with your concerns.

The Transportation Policy Committee (TPC)
: The decision makers of the MPO, is made up of elected and appointed officials and transportation providers. Current members are listed here:

The Transportation Technical Coordinating Committee (TTCC)
: Members review, comment on, and prepare recommendations for the TPC’s consideration. The TTCC includes planning and public works agencies from state and local jurisdictions represented on the TPC as well as organizations that represent other interests. Current members are listed here:

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